6 MacGyver Hacks for Your Panama City Beach Vacation

No matter when you decide to get away or what you enjoy doing, there’s nothing like vacationing in the beautiful Florida sunshine in Panama City Beach. With lots of places to stay, tons of restaurants to enjoy and great family activities, we have no doubt you can have a restful stay or an action-packed adventure. Worried about a limited vacation budget? Check out these MacGyver vacation hacks that will help you get the most from very little.

1. Off-Season and In Budget

The busiest tourist seasons in Panama City Beach are summer, the holidays and spring vacation. Consider visiting when the crowds are smaller, either before school gets out or in October, just before the holiday busy season. The high heat of summer can be uncomfortable for outdoor activities, but with an average of 300 days of sunshine, you can enjoy the warm weather and less crowded beaches in the autumn or late winter. You’ll also find some great specials on accommodations and bargain pricing on many activities during off-peak seasons.

2. Pack by Activities not People

Rather than having individual suitcases for each person traveling, try organizing suitcases by activities. Have a beach suitcase for everyone’s swimsuits and beach towels. Throw in the sunscreen and everyone’s flip flops and sunglasses and voila! you’re good to go for the day. Dress clothes and pjs (including your son’s special blankey) can go in another. Having everything packed this way is a great way to keep the family organized.

3. Not Everything Costs

There are lots of fun things to do in Panama City Beach that don’t cost anything extra. Our greatest tourist attraction is our beautiful sugar-white beaches and the emerald green waters of the Gulf! With 27 miles of pristine beach, you’ve got day after day of water adventure and relaxation in the warm Florida sunshine. And then there’s always that sleeping in late or enjoying a sunset stroll along the boardwalk.

4. Eat Up

Not every meal has to be eaten at a restaurant, especially if you’re staying somewhere with kitchen facilities. Take time to pick up breakfast and lunch items and save your dining budget for one delicious meal out. For those who don’t like cooking, many restaurants in Panama City Beach have buffets where you can fill up on a variety of goodies.

5. We Take Coupons

Do research on specific websites for activities in the area before you travel and you may find some great savings. Many places offer special savings for booking online. And once you’re here, keep an eye out for coupon books, often found in restaurants or hotel lobbies that offer additional discounts on some favorite attractions.

6. Get to Know the Locals

The residents of Panama City Beach are happy you’ve chosen our beautiful corner of Florida for your vacation. We’re always happy to point out a great restaurant and suggest memorable adventures that will entertain and be easy on the wallet. But everyone agrees, no trip to Panama City Beach is complete without a visit to the waters off Shell Island to see the world’s largest concentration of wild bottlenose dolphin. DOLPHIN EXPRESS has dolphin tours going out several times a day that are fun, educational, affordable, and did we mention FUN? Give us a call, stop by Lighthouse Marina, or better yet, save some of that vacation money and use our convenient online feature to book online before you arrive. But whatever you do, be sure to make time for our Panama City Beach dolphin tour in your vacation schedule.