What Panama City Beach Would be like Without Shell Island

Panama City Beach is a true jewel on the Emerald Coast. Most vacationers agree that one of the major attractions to the area is the beautiful barrier island known as Shell Island. But what if it didn’t exist? Just look at all the things you’d be missing!

Beautiful Sugar White Beaches

Though it’s true that all the beaches in Panama City Beach are pristine, locals and visitors alike believe that the coastline of Shell Island, with its graceful sand dunes and undeveloped natural beauty make it a perfect spot to relax and reconnect with nature. Quartz crystals washed down the Apalachicola River, have been ground to a fine powder that squeaks beneath your feet and doesn’t get hot even in the bright Florida sunshine.

Varied Wildlife

Shell Island has 4 very distinct habitats. From the wind-swept sand dunes to the coastal scrub forest, inland lake out to the shallow waters off the jetty, the island is home to many animal species. Ghost and horseshoe crabs are common right along the shoreline, while deer, raccoon and mice find refuge among the sea grass and pines. Even loggerhead and green turtles use the protected shores of Shell Island to relax in the sun or build nests for their eggs Birders enjoy spending time moored offshore watching the wide variety of birds like plovers, pelicans, gulls, terns and even hawks who have made Shell Island their home. The warm tropical waters are home to a large variety of fish including the brightly colored butterfly fish, sea horses and parrot fish. Many anglers enjoy dropping a line for favorite species like Spanish mackerel, flounder and red snapper, perfect for an evening barbeque.

Bottlenose Dolphin

The shallow waters off Shell Island are home to one of the highest concentrations of bottlenose dolphin in the world. It is rare to spend time off the shores of the island without seeing a pod of these magnificent creatures hunting or playing in the surf.

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