Why We Love Panama City Beach (And You Should Too)

As the temperatures in many parts of the United States begin to plummet, many people-who are bundling up in coats, wrapping themselves in scarves and mittens and pulling on heavy boots-dream of warm winter vacations. If you’re one of those looking to get away, have we got a suggestion for you! Check out why we love Panama City Beach and all it has to offer!


Panama City Beach has a rich and diverse legacy. Written records of Spanish conquistadors, explorers who first walked our shores, report sightings of tall Indians living in thatch-roofed homes along the coast. These early explorers actually discovered many of our natural landmarks, waterways and cities. As was the custom hundreds of years ago, they made a practice of naming our landmarks after Catholic saints. The largest bay in the county is named St. Andrew’s Bay, because it was first navigated on the day the Catholic calendar designated for the patron Saint, Andrew. After the explorations of General Andrew Jackson’s army in 1818, the land was purchased by the US and became part of the state of Florida. There are many places around Panama City Beach where you can learn more about the early days of our city.

Scenic Beauty

Panama City Beach is known for its sugar-white sand and emerald-green waters. Composed of polished quartz crystals ground down into a fine powder, the sand of our beaches doesn’t heat up in the Florida sunshine and many visitors remark on its “squeaky” quality as they walk from their beach chair to the gently rolling surf. Palm trees sway gracefully in the tropical breeze as coastal birds glide peacefully its current. Federally protected sea turtles often come up on shore to rest in the sun or lay their eggs. Tranquil sand dunes are home to beach mice and even the occasional white-tailed deer. And our beautiful sunsets aren’t to be missed. Whether it’s from the boardwalk, your hotel balcony or the patio of a restaurant, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy basking in their beautiful colors at the end the day.

Dolphin Tours

No trip to Panama City Beach is truly complete without a dolphin tour out to the crystal-clear waters off the shores of Shell Island to experience one of the world’s highest concentrations of bottlenose dolphin. These amazing and friendly creatures seem to enjoy human contact as they bodysurf in the wake of passing boats and curiously peek out of the water even as you are looking down at them.

Let DOLPHIN EXPRESS be your tour guide to the highlights of Panama City Beach. Our knowledgeable Captain will share a little of our local history, point out breathtaking landmarks, and talk about the coastal birds and marine animals you see along the way. Our crew will keep you entertained with water canon fights and line dancing as you travel out through the pass to the dolphin grounds. Once with the dolphins, you’ll get to enjoy their silly antics as they leap and play or hunt for dinner. Give us a call, stop by Lighthouse Marina or use our convenient online calendar to book your Panama City Beach dolphin tour. It may very well be the highlight of your Florida vacation!